Men's Red Tigers Eye Beaded Bracelet

Men's Red Tigers Eye Beaded Bracelet

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A bit about this piece:

The beaded bracelet pictured is Natural Red Tigers Eye.

Tigers Eye is the stone of understanding. Believed to give the wearer an “all-seeing all-knowing eye,” tigers eye grants the wearer the ability to better understand themselves and others.  Linked to the magical tiger, tigers eye portrays courage, integrity and power. Wear your tigers eye bracelet to give you a better understanding of each situation you find yourself in.

  • 8mm polished sterling silver ball
  • Natural stones are 8mm
  • Bracelets are on a heavy duty stretchy cord
  • You can choose between three metals (for the polished ball) sterling silver or rose/yellow gold filled sterling silver
  • A standard size 20cm in length. If you require a custom length please let us know and we can arrange any size needed.
  • All bracelets will come in a box with the meaning card for the natural stone

  • Please note that because the stones are natural they will vary in colour and will not all be the same
  • 12 Month Warranty

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