Natural Amethyest Beaded Bracelet
Natural Amethyest Beaded Bracelet

Natural Amethyest Beaded Bracelet

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A bit about this piece:

The beaded bracelet pictured first is Natural Amethyst. Amethyst is the stone of clarity. Believed to promote inner peace on both an emotional and spiritual level, amethyst works to help the wearer think clearly, without judgement or emotion. By helping you to see the distinction between emotional and intellectual thinking, it allows you to appreciate your emotions, without letting them cloud your judgement.  Wear your amethyst bracelet to help you think and live with a clear mindset.

  • 6mm polished sterling silver balls
  • Bracelets are on a heavy duty stretchy cord with our ZA tag attached
  • A standard size 18.5cm in length. If you require a custom length please let us know and we can arrange any size needed
  • You can choose between two metals (for the polished balls & tag) sterling silver or rose filled sterling silver.
  • Every bracelet comes with the corresponding meaning card to the natural stone
  • Please note that because the stones are natural they will vary in colour and will not all be the same
  • 12 Month Warranty

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